Why I Love to Meal Plan.

I am a planner.  I love to stay organized.  I love to have “control” over everything. I love food.  Can planning be considered a hobby?  If so, I am a planning hobbyist!

I started meal planning shortly before my wedding last year.  I bought a white board, put it in the kitchen, labelled days of the week and just went with it.  I have a nice collection of cookbooks plus an extensive “food stuffs” board on Pinterest.  I decided that it was time to put all of these recipes into action.

Meal planning has helped make healthier choices, better use of leftovers, and has made grocery shopping so much easier!  It also really takes out the frustration of asking my husband what he wants for dinner and having to make “I don’t know.” every single night.  I plan around our work schedules and dinners with friends.  It just makes life easier.

My next mission is to start prepping freezer meals.  The problem with that is our tiny freezer.

This week’s highlights are going to be Gimme Some Oven’s Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup and Irish Beef Stew by Damn Delicious.  Now, I am not a beef eater but my husband is and I think I owe him one this week.  He rarely eats red meat because I rarely cook it.  I can eat around the beef, right?

Basically, I am not quite done with planning and building up some content for the blog so I decided to gush about my love of meal plans.



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